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It has been a while since I humour myself with Rowan Atkinson comedy brilliance in playing the infamous character of Mr Bean whom has return with a comedy spy-thriller with license not to kill but to make you laugh your head off ! The story begins with british secret agent who was once a top league agent in his field serving her majesty’s secret service or better well known today as M17 being caught off guard and failing the mission to prevent the assassination of the newly elected Mozambique leader during the Inauguration ceremony which resulted in immediate suspension and removal from british intelligence secret service with a dishonourable discharge for bringing shame and tarnishing the reputation of the agency as result of wide mass media damaging coverage of the killing incident. Having suffer the humiliation the agent by the name Johnny English retreat into seclusion and living a life of solitude in the remote region of Asia.

For years he has vanished from the eyes of the world and the agency seeking enlightenment and training with word of wisdom from the wise guru monk which is preparing the former agent for a comeback one day ! Under the watchfull eyes of the master guru, johnny was put through some pretty weird training among the monks with the goal to toughen the human balls to a point of having the ability to endure pain dragging heavy rocks which grow bigger in size by the day and “Ouch” just thinking about it ! This scene sent me bursting with uncontrollable laughter especially with Rowan Atkinson doing the expression in the act. The purpose of this training is to withstand pain with a kick in the groin over and over again ! What an anti ball buster exercise !

Little did Johnny know that the master guru was an inside contact for the intelligence network and insist that he will only response if the mission be given to his “Kwai Low” student only and thus Johnny English is reborn. Upon receiving the news that he got his second chance for a comeback, English make haste back to the current MI7 headquarters which when at the entrance was greeted by agents taking business call from customer and the above logo reads “Toshiba British Intelligence”. Huh ! you might say and yes the british agency has been privatised by a joint venture with the Japanese electronic giant. Now the intelligence service and spy network is for hire to anyone that could afford it. Fast forward a few scene and we find English inside Pamela Thornton aka Pegasus office which is the current head of MI7 and a no nonsense lady whereby the role is played by Gillian Anderson ! Remember her in the ever so popular X-files with the character as FBI agent Dana Scully with her partner Mulder. As they say wine gets better with age and this is the case with her appearance in this movie. Oh La! La!

During the meeting with the lady boss, this bumbling agent gets in a fix with her pet cat with few mishaps incident which makes a damn purrrr-fect laughter. Later watch as English rolls his ass off the ball twice and landed on his tushy (an affectionate term for butt ) which explains why round object are never meant for sitting on eh! As we all know just like in James Bond movie, the agent aiways gets to paired up with beautiful side-kicks but this time seems not to be the case where Johnny has to be contented with a young black agent called Tucker played by ( Daniel Kaluuya ) who seems to have more wits than his clueless senior! But no worries then all is not lost because we have the gorgeous behavioral psychologist Kate in which the character is well potrayed by ( Rosamund Pike ) that is a big fan and later had a crush on Johnny.



We all agree that a spy must always have his gadgets with him and therefore a trip down to the gadget department is a must where on display are the latest nifty invention with some even outright bizzare and strange especially the voice changing lozenge, remote control detonator via a cell phone. ( Now that’s a deadly call if you know what I mean! ), a lumix camera which shoots a lethal darts out from the lens ( that must be a painful shot eh ! ) and mother of all gadgets the voice activated Rolls Royce with it’s own grand persona and exudes elegance! While on a tour with Patch Quartermain played by ( Tim McInnerny ) which is the wheelchair bound weapons expert specialist and head of the gadget department, this english agent manage to stir up some comical moment while fiddling with the gadgets unknown to him and causing chaos in the department.

Moving on to the next scene Johnny and his side-kicks engage their mission to track down an old CIA contact ( Richard Schiff ) in Hong Kong which would provide them the crucial information about an criminal organization with a goal to cause global chaos and when their contact was killed, Johnny suddenly realizes there is a much bigger plot which involves assassination, secret goverment weapon projects, double agents and a innocent looking yet deadly killer asian cleaning lady with her own killing machine which is a vacumm cleaner and golf bag that would make anyone go in wonder and saying huh !!! In this event English came to a close encounter with the cleaner lady after the shooting incident but still not knowing that the killer is just standing in front of him until the bullet inside the vacumm cleaner came into view and sudden reality dawn upon him. Unfortunately the assassin escape and this has haunted Johnny ever since who them went on a tray bashing granny endeavour when he though he has the killer in sight leaving innocent old lady with bruises on their head first starting with Pamela’s mom during a birthday batch party and later a royal headache to the Queen of England herself.



Little did he know that a web of conspiracy runs throughout the KGB, CIA and there is even a mastermind in the M17 which is currently holding a top position post in the British Intelligence service who is out to frame Johnny with the intention of preventing him from uncovering their sinister plot to assassinate a Chinese leader during a head of state conference. Eventually the plan was successfull and Johnny found himself high on the wanted list and being pursued by the law enforcement officers and his own agencies. It was a amusing scene seeing Johnny in a runaway wheelchair with speed control that could rival almost any car and a reclining seat features that saves him from the pursuers.

Luckily he found refuge at Kate’s resident whom took him in and nurse the wounded english spy after taking a shot in the leg during the chase. While recovering there is a slight romance moment and feeling for each other which almost ended with a kiss if it weren’t for a doorbell ring intervention. Johnny sought to get help from Tucker and Kate to clear his name and state his innocence. With this in mind he and his junior agent went out to seek for answer and bring the culprit to justice and to prevent the assassination plot. It was later discovered that the key player in the organization syndicate scheme was none than their M17 top British agent by the name Ambrose ( Dominic West ) whom finally got all the required key segment piece to unlock the safe which hold the mind controlling liquid substance which has been developed under US goverment secret project that was later cancelled and the secret weapon to be destroyed but somehow managed to survived and end up in the wrong hands. Ambrose has the plan to use it in the assassination attempt on the Chinese leader and sabotage the diplomatic ties causing a riff tension between the two nation while during under the watch of M17 operation. This will be a great humiliation on a global scale to England and may even provoked a possible war with China.

So arm with the Roll Royce and his fellow agent Tucker, they went off with the determination to foil the plot by first venturing behind enemy lines supposedly under stealth mode but instead gave their surprise away when the wrong gadget is used which end up backfire through a blaring announcement and a fire flare pin pointing their exact location. It was hilarous when watching the antics of both the agents being caught in surprise themselves. Of course there were quickly surrounded by the enemy and the quick thinking Tucker pretends to capture the english agent after requesting a punch in the face from Johnny English. The plan works and both were taken to their criminal master which is Ambrose himself who has by now planning to use the mind control substance on Pamela to do his bidding of killing the chinese premier. While on the way to their final destination, Tucker manage to knock down the guards and Johnny in a funny manner got away by hopping around in a bag and running into walls until his side kicks came to his rescue.

Eventually both successfully found their way to the room where Pamela is and Johnny manage to prevent her from drinking the mind control substance added to her drinks by drinking it himself not knowing what he has just done. When he finally realized it was already too late and Ambrose had decided that Johnny take over from Pamela to do the killing. He is then placed in the room together with the chinese leader awaiting the cue to execute the shooting with a lipstick ????? how you may ask! Well to get the answer why not watch the movie at the cinema or via other means of watching and downloading unlimited fully licensed movies by clicking on this link here !

Overall verdict for this film is that Rowan Atkinson has once again turn on his comical genius and play the goofy character well suited for his role. With a great deal of funny moments which promised unrelentless spoofs and slap-stick in a more suave approch to getting the laughter well deserved for the silly performance carried through the movie. I personally laughed so hard that halfway through the movie I ran out of breath gasping for air and almost needed a CPR with two men sandwich between my seat! The film could also cater for a great family viewing. As for the spy parts it is a bit of letdown with limited awesome gadgets in use to offer unlike in Bond Movie. There is no dramatic ending although the movie does end up the villian with a big bang from an umbrella! The storyline was kind of dull which is straight forward and quite predictable having reavealing the villian so early in the movie without keeping the suspense long enough with a twist like most good spy movies. One thing for sure which might occurs is a belly ache at the end of the movie and you might kick yourself in the groin for missing this sequel to the previous title of Johnny English.


Johnny English ( Reborn ) – Movie Details

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    Release Date:    October 21, 2011
    Genre:                  Comedy, Action
     Director:              Oliver Parker
     Writer:                  William Davies
     Cast:                    Rowan Atkinson,  Rosamund Pike,   Dominic West,   Daniel Kaluuya,   Others
     Studio:                 Universal Pictures
     Official Site:
     Running Time:    101 minutes
     MPAA Rating:        Rated PG-13 for mild action violence, rude humour and brief sensuality


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