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Hi there fellow movie enthusiast ! Welcome to the full movies and film product review & verdict column whereby the featured movies title will be place under scrutiny and judge following a guideline under these following criteria to be rank and awarded star ratings in the final verdict for several categories as follows:


(1)    Casting Performance

(2)    Story line

(3)    Directing

(4)    Cinematography

(5)    Special Effect

(6)    Music & Soundtrack

(7)    Suspense

(8)    Drama

(9)    Movie Plot

(10 ) Movie Ending


The following criteria will be applied for the film associated products that are in the categories of the given and awarded star rating which are:

(1)   Cost price

(2)   Product Value

(3)   Quality

(4)   Customer Support

As the time goes more movies title & film product review will be added to the column for everyone to share their valuable opinion on a particular movie title or film product. New sub-categories for rating may be added in the future and contribution of new suggestion and ideas for any categories rating is always encouraged and welcome.

Now lets get the movie rolling, it’s “Lights, Camera & Verdict”


Apollo 18 Movie Review

We begin with the movie title which may finally provide the answer as to why the last human space flight mission to the moon ended with Apollo 17 back in the year of 1972.  It has been 39 years since any man has step foot on the moon and many would ask why ? Many people have thought that since lunar flight has become so routine back in those day that public interest has dwindled away which results in Nasa cancelling all future mission to the moon but there may be a more sinister story behind the sudden call off !

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Apollo 18 is a movie inspired from the gathering of the lost film footage which featured the shocking incident which terrified both the astronauts in the movies as well the viewing audience during the suspense moment which puts you on the edge of your seat. The movie begin with three astronauts  who are the lucky chosen one’s to go on the final last voyage to the moon and this time the mission wasn’t controlled by Nasa but instead was directed for a top secret mission by the Department Of Defense. The astronauts were instructed to take several Westinghouse camera which will be used as part of the early detection missiles launched by the Soviet Union. In reality there is a more danger & darker secret too it. This movie give the audience the front seat of the mission with first hand experience of what may be an encounter with alien life form by the hapless american astronauts with chilling danger which unfolds the nightmare on the lunar surface.

Throughout the movie there are many sudden break scenes and distorted image in grainy details of the footage leaving one’s imagination as to what actually happen in that very incident. As for the story line it grip the fear well among the audience with unsuspecting terror & suspense leaving with room for more anticipation. Unfortunately the gap in the plot left many unanswered issue to the question in hand which in turns builds up curiosity wanting to know more about the reality of the shown footage.

The mission started off real smooth without a glitch and reaching the earth orbit was a breeze. After moments of space flight the craft landed successfully on the moon. Two of the astronauts, Nate Walker ( Lloyd Owen ) and Ben Anderson took out the lander down to the moon surface while the third guy remains in the orbit inside the shuttle only to retrieved back  the other two lunar explorer after the mission has been completed. The first things once the astronauts landed was to suit up and set up the listening post. On that very night their sleep was interrupted by some strange noise coming in through their communication device. When they ask about the incident, no one back on earth could explain what it was.

As the days passed, the two astronauts discover another landing craft that looks destroyed and abandon. With further close inspection it belongs to the Russians.  Later they found the body of a cosmonaut and immediately they knew something terrible has happened and thus  sending chill up their spine. The following next morning the astronauts which goes by the name Walker was attacked and something penetrated inside his suit. Soon after that Walker became deranged and suffered an unknown alien infection. Anderson was attempting to run for his life trying to escape using the Russian craft but the outcome was not well for him. At the end …………. ( I will leave the suspense here and not spoil the story for those who have not watch this movie yet !!!! ) There are also means of watching and download unlimited fully licensed movies by clicking on this link here !

But as for my own verdict the frightening concept does play well with the anticipated moment shown in the footage. One big let down though is the plot of the story which in this case assumed to be the actual account to the tragic end for the Apollo 18 crew members. The suspicion of the authenticity of the footage is in question as well because it does look like a Hollywood produced film quality. At the final climax of the movie, audience are left with nearly bare glimpse of the alien which are more of a disappointing anti-climax after almost one and half hours being led through the so called actual footage.


Apollo 18 – Movie Details

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    Release Date:    September 2, 2011
    Genre:                  Sci-Fi, Suspense
     Director:              Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego
     Writer:                  Brian Miller
     Cast:                    N/A
     Studio:                 The Weinstien Company
     Official Site:         apollo18movie.net
     Running Time:    90 minutes
     MPAA Rating:        Rated PG-13

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